Laura Heinrich, Principal of Heinrich Consulting, has over 20 years of marketing experience growing brands and creating revenue success for B2B technology companies of all sizes.  Demonstrating success for firms such as FICO, Digex, GTE Internetworking, MarkMonitor, Genuity and Bechtel, Ms. Heinrich has executed every aspect of marketing and managed over $50MM of marketing budget.  Together with her team of marketing experts, Ms. Heinrich is now taking her experience to create business success for Heinrich Consulting clients.

In her spare time Ms. Heinrich is busy playing with her twin boys, biking and playing golf (badly). 

Our Philosophy


We believe that successful B2B technology marketing begins with understanding the client and the market.  Understanding their plans for the business and how we can help them rise above the fray and differentiate themselves.  Only then can we create a relevant and successful Marketing strategy to catapult their business.  Other guidelines we follow to create the most effective marketing for our clients include:

  • Always look for ways to help our clients differentiate their offerings.
  • Create integrated and sustained marketing activities;  B2B technology marketing involves creating a valued conversation with prospects - not a one shot engagement.
  • Know the client's buyers.  Really know the buyers.  Understand what motivates them both professionally and professionally.  It's only then you can create messages and materials that  speak their language.
  • Understand where your client's buyers reside.  Do they belong to certain associations?  Attend certain events?  Belong to select social media sites?  Read certain publications?
  • Communicate frequently and with a variety of venues with the client.  Ensure they understand the timeline, expected outcome, progress and budget for the engagement.
  • Above all, add value for the client.  Real business value, measured in a way that is important to the them. 

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